Silver Factory is a production company with many years of experience in live, event, expo & broadcasting.

Among our services you will find content creation and technical management.

Silver Factory will guide you through all stages of production – from idea to event and post-event management. 

Together with our team you will create a visual and durable digital experience tailored to your needs, budget and audience.

Silver Factory creates sustainable meetings, content and events! 

The Silver Factory Story

It all began at the Stockholm Culture Festival 2013 where, in the spirit of the artist Andy Warhol, we created an evening with the name Silver Factory. Our aim was to allow the audience to step into the experience of a party at Andy Warhol’s gallery, The Silver Factory. To do this we brought the 60’s to today, New York to Stockholm, ensuring that art remained the core foundation, just like at The Silver Factory.

Flags were decorated by five Swedish artists, photographs were taken of visitors by Erik Wåhlström in his portable Polaroid studio. The evening ended with a magnificent tribute concert to The Velvet Underground with the artists Magnus Carlson, Ebbot and Nina Persson, accompanied by live visual by the video artist Jenny Paléns.

The following year we arranged a sold out Silver Factory Night in Gothenburg. This was the starting point of the launch of our brand new venture. A production company that would continue to embrace the spirit of Andy Warhol, who launched his gallery to have the opportunity to grow as an artist, experiment with film, music and image. His gallery enabled collaborations between people and companies and that is the body and soul of our company.