A brand new factory

A brand new factory
2021-04-11 Karin Rosenberg


We are SO happy to announce that we have set up a BRAND NEW factory: Silver Factory (est 2021). After years of working together it struck us – why not set up shop together?

The future demands collective creative power, and loads of experience from on, off, behind and in front of the stage. With some 100 years of aggregate raw experience on our factory floor, we are now ready to ship the best of the best in production power.

Product portfolio (including but not limited to):

  • Expo
  • Large-scale live events
  • Live streaming/broadcast
  • Concerts & Culture

Factory workers are: Moa Jönsson, Staffan Lindahl, Ola Hermansson, Anders Hagström, Fredrik Lindqvist och Lars Redin

Foreman is: Lisa Kylsberg

Previous shipments includes: Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, P3 Guld, CS3, Stockholm 750-års jubileum

Factory representatives will have coffee with you on the following locations:

Sofiagatan 5
S-116 40  Stockholm

Vegagatan 12
S-413 09 Göteborg